Born and raised in the Portland, OR, Trevor comes from a close knit family built around business, ethics and the appreciation of a nice glass of wine or whiskey.

After plans to become a stock broker with a degree in business and economics from Oregon State University and working for Smith Barney for a short while, Trevor found the lumber business to have all the perks of a stock market without all the hoops to constantly jump through. Taking a job with a large trading firm in 2006 led Trevor down the rabbit hole of lumber wholesaling, eventually landing him at a desk trading crane mats when they were still relatively unheard of.

After four years, he made the move to Buckeye Pacific in 2010 to build a new mat program from scratch. After spending five years growing Buckeye, he once again decided to move in 2015 to join Totem and enjoy the benefits of working with a closer knit group and focus on building yet another mat division even more directed towards his perceived industry strengths. When his loud voice isn’t annoying those around him in the office, he’s usually either on the golf course, out on the river or at a music festival.