The newest addition to Totem’s product line is its Moulding & Millwork division. As a volume consumer of hardwood lumber and having the ability to join cutting lists from multiple customers we maximize efficiency and yield when producing your specific rip size. shutterstock_184829084 copyWe have the ability to supply a number of different grades and species allowing you to purchase exactly what you need precisely when you need it.


  • Clear 1 Face & Edges
  • Clear 1 Face 2 Edges
  • Product of FAS/1f
  • Product of #1Common
  • Product of #2Common

In addition to blanks we are now offering a full line of moulded to profile items. With a team that has almost 50 years of experience in producing mouldings, Totem is a solid partner that you can rely on when outsourcing your moulding needs.